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Posts by Madhusree Chatterjee

  • 07-18-12: Poet-TV persona Pritish Nandy experiments with 140-character poetry » Bollywood

    Insolent, angry, wicked that’s me/Or so you say before you angrily look away/Faith is so yesterday/Tomorrow is where I want to be. Poet, painter, journalist, filmmaker and television personality Pritish Nandy has used the 140-character format to transport poetry to the age of Twitter in a new anthology, “Stuck on 1/Forty”. But he says his […]

  • 07-06-12: Dancing to Indian tunes with an American soul » Art & Culture

    She is beautiful and she is American, but a quintessential Indian at heart and on her feet. Gaura Prema, founder of the contemporary Indian fusion dance troupe Natya Nectar, which performed with Lady GaGa in India in 2011, says she is still “exploring new norms in modern Indian dance to suit her American personality and […]

  • 06-29-12: Indian idioms for free-style western performances? The debate grows » LifeStyle

    A debate over whether free-style contemporary western dance and music like hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul can adapt to regional Indian influences is building up with voices for and against the concept. “Free-style hip-hop dance as a genre cannot become regional in sensibility. There may be individuals who perform differently at the local level,” argues […]

  • 06-19-12: Today’s children want to burst into poetry: Ruskin Bond » Blog/Opinion

    Today’s youngsters are writing a lot of poetry to put their emotions into words unlike in the past when they liked to read and think, says iconic Indian storyteller of British origin Ruskin Bond. “Children all want to burst into verse you might say. But they would write better poetry if they read more of […]

  • 06-17-12: India’s screen divas are symbols of Indian femininity: Neville Tuli » Blog/Opinion&Bollywood&Featured

    The divas of Indian cinema are works of art immortalised down the ages on screen and in the media. Women in Indian cinema have portrayed all facets of change which women in general have experienced in real life in the country, says art connoisseur Neville Tuli, the founder and chairman of Mumbai-based arts and popular […]

  • 05-11-12: Heard her voice, now taste her food – with Asha’s » LifeStyle

    Food is a far cry from playback singing. But Bollywood’s girl with the golden voice, Asha Bhosle, who has morphed into an astute hotelier over the years, is ready to bring her award-winning eatery chain Asha’s to India from abroad in 2013. “We have 10 restaurants overseas now – three in the UAE, three in […]

  • 04-30-12: India becoming market for high end European art » Art & Culture

    Rising disposable incomes, exposure to unique art forms and greater social interaction are opening urban Indian homes to niche British interior accessory art like Amanda Brisbane sculptures, Wedgewood cutlery and Moorcroft objects’d art. As Europe sinks deeper into recession, high end lifestyle art brands from across the continent are looking at India as a wide […]

  • 04-05-12: NGMA brings new age art stalwart Rebecca Horn to India » Art & Culture

    The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) is carrying the inter-cultural dialogue between India and the west forward with an exposition of multi-media and performance art by one of the stalwarts of new age western art Rebecca Horn from April 7. The showcase, “Passage Through Light”, dedicated to India with a country-specific installation as the […]

  • 04-05-12: History back on shelves with a dash of drama » Blog/Opinion

    History books are inching back on the shelves – but with a dash of drama and peppy language to hook the average reader. “I think there are two major attractions that a historical narrative holds for us. First, history is all about stories…stories about people and places with the benefit of hindsight. And who doesn’t […]