Deregulation of diesel is ‘anti-people’ : Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party Chief, Mayawati has said that the recent announcement by the central government of deregulating diesel isĀ  ‘anti-people’ and will open floodgates for regular hike in price of diesel.

Addressing reporters in New Delhi today, Mayawati lashed out at the Congress Party led central government and said it has failed to curb the rising inflation. Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh praised the Government for increasing the cap on LPG.

  • Vijay Kumar Gaur

    Ma”m Sonia as leader of this congress of corrupt people
    this is last chance for you to get printed your son”s name
    in the history of INDIA as prime minister otherwise IN 2014 we poor people
    of india will punish you for giving GHANGHOR corruption
    and JANLEVA MAHAGAI AND generation to come will
    know only about the ghost of congress.

  • Vijay Kumar Gaur

    Ma”m Maya You have forgoten like Sonia ji that public is waiting
    for 2014 .Whatever sins you people are commiting through
    “unwanted peoples alliance”will be punished and punished well.