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World Snap > Entertainment > Bollywood > Fardeen Khan’s wife Natasha suffers miscarriage

Fardeen Khan’s wife Natasha suffers miscarriage

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    Actor Fardeen Khan’s wife Natasha was expecting twins but she has suffered a miscarriage.

    “As delighted as we were to announce Natasha’s pregnancy, I am equally saddened to say she had a late miscarriage,” Fardeen said on Twitter Sunday night.

    However, Fardeen says Natasha was an emotionally strong woman, and so they are taking the development well.

    “Most importantly Natasha is in good health and can try again. This half-pint I married is a warrior in every sense,” he added.

    Natasha is yesteryear’s actress Mumtaz’ daughter. She married Fardeen in December 2005.

    Fardeen said on Twitter Oct 26 that they were expecting twins.

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