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    Delnaaz asked to leave ‘Bigg Boss’ house

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    January 9, 2013 16:14:42 IST

    The sixth season of “Bigg Boss” is full of surprises, the latest being the midnight eviction of actress Delnaaz Irani.

    On Tuesday night, Bigg Boss asked all the six contestants to gather in the garden area and informed them that one of the them will be evicted.

    Delnaaz and her ex-husband Rajev Paul were asked to stand on two separate short stools and it was announced that as Delnaaz has received minimum votes so she is being evicted.

    The eviction came as a surprise to everyone.

    Delnaaz has been in the house since the show went on air last October and maintained a low profile. In the house, she was close to co-contestant Aashka Goradia, who was evicted.

    Now five contestants – Sana Khan, Rajev, Urvashi Dholakia, Imam Siddique and Niketan Madhok – are competing for prize money of Rs.50,00,000. The finale is onSaturday.

    Get Latest News on : Bigg Boss

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