Giaa Manek quits as Gopi bahu in ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’

Giaa Manek , who is playing the role of  Gopi bahu with the charecter of simple and an honest person in the most popular drama serial  ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is an Indian television drama serial ,which was starting May 3, 2010 on Star Plus  channel.

Giaa Manek is quiting ‘Saathiya’ beacause of  she participating dance reality show Jalak Dikhla Jaa 5- Dancing with stars, which aired on 16th June on Colours chanel.

The new face, who is replacing Giaa Manek (Gopi bahu)  name is Devoleena Bhattacharjee who was last scene in TV show ‘Sawaare Sabke Sapne – Preeto’.

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Write your comments below on this replacement.

  • Nash

    We want giaa mahek back on the show we all ladies of house use to see this show and seeing the cute face of giaa mahek all male in our family watch it but if she is not in the show waste of seeing please brieng the original gopi back nobody can take her place if at all you want to replace then why not the better and cute person this gopi is actully looking so artificial hope you people will be doing something about this tomorrow 🙁

  • Says

    It is waste watching the show without old gopi(gia)… Plzzzzz bring her back.. Our whole family lost interest in watching this show seeing this new gopi..Plzz consider fans request

  • Pooja

    It is waste watching the show without old gopi(gia)… Plzzzzz bring her back.. Our whole family lost interest in watching this show seeing this new gopi..Plzz consider fans request

  • rama

    Sorry for typo errors meant ‘real’ not ‘ral’
    And meant it is okay if she also partipates in dance show donot replace her as thos would only lead show failure before than u mau think. Now there is no reason to watch this show without jiaa manek and this new gopi in this role is intolerable.

  • rama

    gopi i.e jiaa manek was running this show or was the reason to watch this show. I think star plus need to act in ral world and not making hopi participating in a dance show, and bring old gopi back or else this show with this new gopi wii fail in no time

  • Christine

    plz bring the old gopi back, its pointless watching saathiya now with giaa manek, nothing beats the original actress should I say, she suited the part so well

  • Manjula

    without Old Gopi Vahu… (Giaa) very disgusting to watch the show…

  • the sookraj parivaar of SA

    We are very very disappointed with todays episode, Gopi is the heart and soul of Saathiya, and we watch saathiya everyday just to see Giaa Manek… Its sad because we won’t be able to watch saathiya anymore and enjoy it as much as we used to… The whole of South Africa will be very disappointed… PLEASE BRING THE OLD GOPI BACK!!!!

  • Abdullah

    Please finish the serial SNS. Because without Gia this serial already lost it’s popularity and it will increase day by day. Gia was, is and will be best for Gopi bahu, nobody can replace her.

  • anita

    ur show will flop without original its time to stop watching this serial…… thrill

  • mariya wani

    no she is not lookin gud gia must be back she plays gud role as gopi so she must be back..


    new gopi is waste ….if u dont get old gopi atleast find another replacement …newgopi is utter waste …pls dont spoil the show

  • Nirmala

    When i saw the serail i was really upset, we need the same gopi to come back, please gopi without you the serail is not fun, your role in the serail is very important with out the modi family is not very nice. So we all in my family request you to please come back and continue the episodes.

    Really Gopi we miss u so much, love you. Waiting to see you back in the serial at the earliest. We request Starplus to request her.

    Thanks a lot !!!!

  • minakshi

    Oh my god!! who is this new Gopi? What she is doing out there? She was just trying to imitate Jiaa(original Gopi). if she will continue then for sure from today I am not going to watch your show…..”SAATH NIBHANA SATHIYA”

  • neethu

    She is the” best” for that role. No one can replace her.She must come back soon. WE are waiting for you Giaa di