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    List of IMAX theaters in India

    December 18, 2013 16:37:36 IST
    Last Updated : December 21, 2013 00:44:16 IST

    You may know there are many Hollywood movies are releasing in IMAX 3D but there are only few IMAX theaters in India which can give you ultimate 3D experience.

    Currently, India has only 6 IMAX theaters.

    1) Ahmedabad
    Gujarat Science City IMAX 3D Theatre (

    2) Hyderabad
    Prasads IMAX Theatre, Prasad: The Experience (

    3) Mumbai
    BIG IMAX Cinema, BIG Cinemas (

    4) Chennai

    Luxe IMAX, 2nd Floor, No. 142, Velachery Main Rd, Velachery

    5) Chennai

    Palazzo IMAX, Block No.5, Door Nos. 183-190,NSK Salai (Arcot Rd)

    6) Bangalore
    PVR IMAX, The Forum, 21-22, Adugodi Main Rd., Koramangala

    Two theaters (AerenR IMAX® Theater, Kolkata and Adlabs Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad) were closed and some of above theaters are just displaying same films for year and years like T-Rex, Avatar.

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    • At 2012.12.16 16:14, Sharukh said:

      Need an IMAX theatre in Kerala…we are those people watch movies in all languages without an descrimination..!! So want an IMAX theatre in Trivandrum, Kerala…:)

      • At 2013.01.14 16:16, sambasiva rao said:

        Trivandrum city is not get any multiplex still 2012 year. How to come IMAX Theater in your city ?

        • At 2013.01.14 16:21, sambasiva rao said:

          Chennai city gets two IMAX Theatres. One comes up phoenix market city in velachery the name of Luxe IMAX, and another is forum vijaya mall in vadapalani called Palazzo IMAX. Both come to the city february 2013.

          • At 2013.02.13 12:55, Partha Mandal said:

            I would like to request the concern authorities of imax to plz come.. And start up there business in guwahati (assam).. There is a scale scope in Assam now a days..

            • At 2013.03.05 23:43, nixon said:

              why not in cochin..we got big malls here..

              • At 2013.03.06 11:54, prabhu.b said:

                if we want to release a ad in these theaters whom i have to contact. mail me the tariff details to release a jeweller ad with terms and conditions

                • At 2013.05.13 17:21, durga prasad said:

                  every word is truth , i think kolkata have very less person who knows about IMAX , no body have intrest about movies , they like only personal life they like only living in home and work for food only, nothing about entertainment

                  • At 2013.07.01 21:31, Abhijeet said:

                    Why not Nagpur every person has interest in 3D n we have 4 multiplex 2 inox, cinemax and pvr then y not u guys try it here. It will be great pleasure to having an Imax 3D here people just dies to watch 3D flims here. Am sure one day we will have atleast one imax.

                    • At 2013.08.21 22:32, guru said:

                      WE REQUIRE IMAX IN DEHRADUN .

                      • At 2013.10.10 11:57, dideesh said:

                        will need in Kerala.. biggest malls r here only.

                        • At 2013.10.11 10:10, Manu Presannakumar said:

                          Mumbai now has two IMAX screens. The new addition is at the PVR Phoenix,Lower Parel. I have been to IMAX wadala for Dark Knight Rises. It cannot be called a Dome IMAX anymore, since the projection is not done to the dome (screen) anymore. It is now done on a vertical IMAX screen which is concaving towards the seats. Now the catchpoint is that people at the top rows are not the one having best views rather people at the middle or even little below have excellent viewing experience.People who know this fact, book wisely and save money.

                          • At 2013.11.01 16:32, venugopal, ASO, Kerala Legislative Assembly said:

                            it is sad that we do not have IMAX 3D theatres in Kerala. Those Theatre owners having more than one theatre should convert one of them in to IMAX 3D format and also film producers should make movies in IMAX 3D format so that we, malayalees also can enjoy malayalam films in IMAX 3D format.

                            • At 2013.12.21 20:36, people said:

                              Aaj kal mall hone se garib log bade jagah ja nahi pate sooo.said

                              • At 2014.01.11 01:51, Abhinav Kumar said:

                                Is there is any Imax theater in New delhi/NCR

                                • At 2014.04.09 23:52, samanth said:

                                  we need imax theater in warangal

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