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World Snap > Entertainment > When TV channels refuse break, Ekta’s soaps take leaps

When TV channels refuse break, Ekta’s soaps take leaps

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    Last Updated : August 11, 2012 11:47:24 IST

    When TV channels refuse break, Ekta's soaps take leaps

    Film producer and TV czarina Ekta Kapoor says TV channels’ refusal to give a few months break to shows forces her to incorporate leaps in her shows.

    “If channels tell me today that we don’t want a leap and we’ll give you a three-month break and you start from where you leave the story, I will not do a leap,” the 37-year-old said here Thursday at the press conference of her TV show “Parichay”.

    Ekta insists that in the absence of a break, a leap is the only way out to bring freshness in serials.

    “Whenever you make a show, you deal with daily issues on an episodic basis and after some time it stagnates. Abroad, you get a seasonal break so you can come back with freshness. To bring freshness, sometimes you need to show a different aspect of the story and for that you do a leap. It’s as simple as that,” said Ekta.

    “Parichay” has taken a leap of 10 years and features Sameer Soni as Kunal Chopra and and Keerti Nagpure as his wife Siddhi. After the leap they will be seen raising their twins, separated at birth, at two different places.

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