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Drive away scalp odour

  • ┬áThe humidity in the air can leave your scalp smelling foul. To avoid the embarrasment, choose the right shampoo, keep yourself hydrated and alter your diet.

    Capital-based hair transplant surgeon Sakshee Sareen shares tips on how to keep scalp odour under control:

    – Wash hair daily to keep the scalp clean. Use medicated shampoos that have anti-fungal and anti-bacteria ingredients.

    – Drink more water to keep your body hydrated and cool.

    – Avoid caffeinated drinks, because caffeine boosts body temperature.

    – Reduce intake of alcohol. It causes the blood vessels to enlarge which in turn increases body heat.

    – Try to lead an anxiety and stress free life as anxiety is known to induce sweating.

    – Dedicate some time to yoga or meditation to relieve stress and anxiety.

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