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Women weigh less during summer

  • July 20, 2013 17:47:42 IST

    Women manage to lose weight during the summer season, reveals a new study.

    The research, commissioned by an alcohol-free wine alternative Sorelle, has found that women usually start the year 7.4 lbs (approximately 3.35 kgs) heavier than their ideal weight, but go on to lose the required amount by the time spring arrives, reports

    Just seven percent of the 2,000 women studied said that they managed to keep their weight constant throughout the year.

    “We all want to look our best when the sun comes out, and for lots of women it’s the hidden calories in wine and beer that stop them from shedding the pounds. It’s always important to think about what you are eating and drinking,” Tina Hobley, Sorelle’s summer health ambassador said.

    “Different seasons definitely dictate how much we eat and drink because of the number of social occasions and this can play havoc on our health and weight. Christmas is obviously a peak time for high calorific foods and alcohol and few of us can resist tucking into a few chocolate eggs at Easter,” she added.

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