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World Snap > States > Karnataka > “Halli Haida, pyateg Banda” : Tribal men to take on city life in Kannada reality show

“Halli Haida, pyateg Banda” : Tribal men to take on city life in Kannada reality show

  • August 22, 2010 10:44:18 IST
    Last Updated : October 25, 2010 22:35:28 IST

    Let alone televisions and cars, even toothbrushes are alien to some of them. Yet, eight tribal men from the interiors of Karnataka have dared to face 60 days of city life in Bangalore for a Kannada reality show, where they’ll learn a few English words and even do ramp walks.

    (Check all comments (275+) to this post at below.)

    From living isolated lives in their respective tribes, these men aged between 25 and 34 years will be slipping into jeans and wearing shirts to adapt to the Bangalore crowd for Kannada channel Suvarna’s “Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda”, which means – “Village lad lands in the city”.

    The show is a result of the success of “Pyete Hudgir, Halli Lifeu” (City girl, village life), which garnered an average viewership of one million people with a maximum response from youths, explained Anup Chandrasekharan, business head of Suvarna.

    “This new show is a sequel to ‘Pyete Hudgir, Halli Lifeu’. For the first season, we took eight city girls to experience village life. But this time, we decided to bring not even village boys but tribals to the city and see how they adapt themselves here,”Chandrasekharan told IANS over phone from Bangalore.

    According to Chandrasekharan, it costs them up to Rs.700,000-Rs.800,000 per episode to produce such a show.

    The team behind the show took approximately three months to research on Karnataka tribes and have brought together contestants from tribes such as Bedar, Sholaga, Haki Pikki, Kodavas of Coorg, Kurubas and others.

    “Our research teams went to various parts of Karnataka and went into the interiors to look for these boys. It used to be very difficult because even the closest shop to their place of stay used to be 25-30 km away.

    “It was also extremely tough to convince them, their parents and relatives. In fact, there is going to be one guy on the show whose wife is pregnant, and by the time he goes back to his tribe, she would have delivered their child. Still he has come to see what a city looks like,” Chandrasekharan revealed.

    “Most of them have not seen a TV, a car, a mobile phone. And they don’t even use something as basic as a toothbrush or toothpaste. Here we will try introducing them to many new things,” he said.

    The eight tribal contestants will be put up at a huge house in Bangalore and will be teamed with one city girl each. The girls will mentor them through their transformation and the contestants will be eliminated one by one in subsequent weeks, depending on their performance.

    “We plan to have ramp walk contests, change their dressing style, teach them a few English words – and it should be interesting to see how a person who has lived all his life in a remote place adapts to the city atmosphere. ”

    The winner will get a “cash compensation”, but the amount hasn’t been decided yet.

    “Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda” will be on air starting Monday and will be hosted by two-time Filmfare award winning Kannada actress Radhika Pandit.

    Chandrasekharan says Kannada channels have for long been dominated by fictional content but now there’s a new space for reality shows and the audiences are lapping it up.

    You can discuss about this show on Our Discussion Forum. You can post your views/comments on this show in forum.

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    • At 2010.12.28 21:54, Renu said:

      Hi akul..
      I want 2 tel u frankly that u hv been partial 2 pavitra throughout the show..2day she is 1 among 6.. just becoz of the great chandhan, raghu n arpitha..u cn not say to arpitha that she was there just by luck..she was the toughest contestent compared 2 pavitra n divya (both physically n mentally)..this show is like match fixing.. wen v were watching pyate hudgir halli life, it used to refresh our mind..that was realy a great show becoz of SUDEEP’s honest decisions…
      dont knw y u behave like this..u r unfit 2 b in that seat (nyana nirnaya sthala)..alli yarigu nyaya dont call that place as nyaya nirnaya sthala…nyaya anno padakke avamana madbedi..good luck to praveen, rohan..u both rock in the show..dnt giv up..

      • At 2011.01.04 08:16, anil kumar said:

        s, u r all right, in this show every elimination is not good , as per peoples opinion n performence wise final six contestant rohi, praveen , chandan, divya , arpitha , n may be arun r raghu. these people was very very tough n serious contender but it was not happen, pavithra hopeless contender after apoorva n 1more girl she was not eligible to grand finale week , in the elimination all r voted to pavithra why did he cancelled n told we need tough contender , on that time divya had own two tasks on that week , n also why did akhul was so quiet in elimination of raghuramappa some of them told we r eliminating him b’coz he is tough contender to us… That day y akhul was quiet…
        Pavithra was seriovsly taken the tasks wn she enter final 6 , in this show akhul’s sympathy n cunningness was working i hate this show now a days
        chandan thumba chennage perform madidru kuda final 6 stage nalli thumba bad agi perform madidrinda horage barbekaythu
        aste alla pavithrana gellisbeku anthale pair agi rohan kuda kottayithu adru kuda praveen n arpitha olle competetion kottidare congrats both of then
        innu finalnalli pavithra win adre ashcharya padabekilla
        winner enidru (btwn winners) rohan athwa praveen madye agbeke horthu sothu bandavara naduve alla, nanu yarigu abhimaniyu alla , dushman kuda alla , abhimana erali adre andhabhimana beda yarige yogyathe ide avaru gellabeku aste
        any ways elrigu kuda congrats heloke ista padthini kadinaki jeevisodu easy alla adralu tasks jothege thumba kasta adanna e elru madidare adanna appreciate madlebeku ,
        sorry yarigadru bejar agidre any comments u can mail me to

        • At 2011.01.06 16:35, rashmi said:

          hello suvarna yake kaleda show nallu partiality e show nallu yake pavithra ge yenu arhathe ide antha avallana neev select madidri nim mosa question maduvavru yaru ilva ishtella publics nim bagge ishtella comment madthare ,question madthare adakke answer mado javabdari nimgilva athva answer madoke mukha ne ilva bloody non sense people suvarna news antha channel nalli yaryarannomkarisi neev sari illa neev madodu sari illa antha yeloke nimagenu nythikathe ide

          • At 2011.01.07 21:30, lakshme gowda km said:

            chandan be active maga good night

            • At 2011.01.10 18:27, anilkumar said:

              hello rashmi you r absolutely right, one more thing i observed in all these 3 episodes they have selected the participants , most of them are artists only, artistgalu bhagavahisabaradu anthenilla adre auditions yake madbeku

              • At 2011.01.11 06:18, priyanka said:

                hi ….
                ee show bagge ishtondu maathadthira …. haagu yellaara begge maathad thira ….. nivu tv alli nodidana helthira mathe judge maadthira….. aadare camera hinde yaaru yen maadidru mathe yenu nadithayithu gothae? ………. camera mundae ondu tharaha camera hindae inondu tharaha ……. aj ishtu baithiralla …. nanage avalu maadide sari ansuthae ….. yaakandre avalu aisu help maadak hogi keta hesaru thogondlu ….. aisu adane upayogisi kondu …. sympathy create maadilu….. konege aj show inda walk maadidu yenikae …… ? nyapaka idiya? neevae aisu sthandalli ninthu aa jaagadalli idaga nivu a show alli continue maadthidra? rajesh kallinda odiskondu … keta keta maath kelli (prostitute) anisikondu irthidra? paapa aj aisu help maadak hogi ……. che…..tanuja avare nivu aj bagge ashtondu maathadthiralla …. would u hav kept quite if a guy ….ur trying to teach him how to live life n he beats u up off camera n calls u names n acts innocent in front off d camera …… n if ur friend helps u out n u turn ur back against her to get popularity n sympathy ……… all im telln yall is …. i like all the participants in d show buh wen thr is politics hapening will u b in tat place ??? think before yall talk …. i think tats y indias not come up ….. just happy with wat they want n think …… nxt time evn in lifes matter …first think in others shoes to know wat is actually happenin before yall talk ……. only becaz of the way judge ppl ruins their lives n familys …… ondu maathu maane kedisthanthe ……..!

                • At 2011.01.11 16:35, namratha said:

                  pleasa repet the 3 show once more.

                  “Suvarna rocks”

                  • At 2011.01.12 11:51, anilkumar said:

                    hi priyanka, u r right , hennige kodabekada maryade yanna rajesha yavdu kottilla
                    hagagi aj hodedaddu thappalla episode full scene create madthidda rajesha elru palige hero adre aj rajesh madida keethapathige baliyagi show inda horage barabekayithu idu elrigu gothu adre akhulge agli prgrm organiserge agli thavu thegedukonda decision sari idiya antha avre think madbekithu adre avarige show popular agbekagithu hana madbekithu ast bitre nyayavagi yochne madilla, rajesha madida thappugalu kannige kandru kuda kurudu jaanathana dinda varthisidare aste alla kadininda banda huduga en bekadru madbahudu en bekardu baybahudu anthana,
                    yake manjunath , nagendra estu decency inda idru yarigu kaata kottu suddhi madlilla , rajesha showninda horage hodru kuda pade pade return karedadu yake
                    aishu nange favour adru kuda nyayavagi mathadodu dharma
                    suvarna team thegedukonda dcsn aj ge mathra alla prathyobbarigu bad xperience agide adarinda aj sportiveness halayithu shownalli performance kammi ayithu konege aj showninda eliminate agi hora barabekayithu , KOTHI MOSARU THINDU MEKE MOOTHIGE VARESIDANTHAYITHU

                    • At 2011.01.12 15:54, Sap said:

                      I did not like 3 show bcoz i was not that interesting …….But i love halli haida pateg banda …….I love Ramyas pair……..

                      • At 2011.01.14 09:35, Krishnamurthy said:

                        Hi lakshme gowda nengea test ella kanea yakandre akul antha olla manusyna bythia, akul yogythea nengea angothu. avan nadsikodo program super, avnu elladhea berea yara nadsidru edu attar palp gotha nengea? bari akul byodhannea nodbada , avnu mado support nodu.,
                        akul ge i love so much, supitgalu helodhanna taleagea hakobeada aytha , mid night thanka nen nadisi kodo program nodthini , handi rani healidha hagea nemma smile thumba esta kano, nenu natka madorigea thago hage mathadthiyalwa super kanri, nennagea olla life edhea, nenu dans program nadsi kodovaga thiklu hditha ethu nodokea , adrea ega nodilla andrea thalea kettu hoguthea hagage bedodhea ella, yavathu durahankara ellladha nenna mansu hagea erali antha a deavrali bedkothine. Rajeshna ennu swalpa support madi, avnu karnatakadha rajikanth agbeku annodhea nanna asea, good luch rajesh. Lakshmi bejar mdkobedamma. happy sankarnthi all of you,

                        • At 2011.03.08 21:41, Anilkumar said:

                          Hello friends, 1 more new show was hosted by these people ‘pyate hudgir halli lifeu-2’…
                          my comments about apoorva y d suvarna ppl selected her again for this show , nam nadalli yaru hudgire ilva,
                          Apoorva last shownalli madida raadantha mathe agbeka, y they ppl select the t.v anchors, movie n serial actors… I don’t know, these shows only for entertainment to us.. Thats all

                          • At 2011.04.08 18:37, vaishali said:


                            • At 2011.04.14 15:32, naveena said:


                              Halli hyda pyateg Banda program was good …..i was Really enjoy a lot one second thanks full to all suvarna channel people best luck for upcoming programme…….akul doing a Great job………

                              • At 2011.09.05 20:19, Johnson said:

                                Hello Sir/Madam I am Johnson form Mysore age23 I am doing MBA in correspondence in IGNOU university I never seen your reality show before but my sister & mother use to see this programs regularly so they wants to participate me on this program if you give me one opportunity in reality show pyate mandi kaadig hodru so i can perform the best in all.
                                thank you.

                                • At 2011.09.30 20:00, Narasimhamurthy said:

                                  My dear friend,
                                  Hindi is ………. our national langauge.
                                  no doubt of it………..

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