Hindi speaking new Chief Minister of UP

Chief Minister designate of UP Akhilesh Yadav deserves all compliments for always responding to media in Hindi, despite questions being put to him in English. Everyone knows that after having studied in Australia, he must be capable of responding in English. But his giving importance to India?s national language by responding in people?s own language should be taken as role-model for Indian politicians who usually prefer speaking in English.

It reminds of India?s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad when he continued to respond in Hindi to questions put by an Indian journalist in English. But he started responding in English when the journalist started asking questions in Hindi. When the curious journalist asked the reason for responding in such a fashion, humble President of India replied that he was responding in Hindi to English questions because he preferred national language to a foreign language, but started replying in English to Hindi questions to make it clear that he knew English also well!

Every country having adopted its national language in official work has prospered to great heights like for example China, Japan, Germany, Israel etc. But unfortunately we even could not adopt our desi name ?Bharat? when ?India? dominates in day-to-day affairs. English media dominates Hindi media even though total combined viewership of all English news-channels is far less than that of Hindi?s most viewed news-channel!