Old Gadgets at home? Don’t Keep it or give away but sell it online

“I don’t like this smartphone. I don’t know how to use it. I love my simple phone which has only call functionality.”, my mom replied. This was her reply when I was trying to convince my mother to have my smartphone instead of her old phone which she was using for more than 4 years. My smartphone has dual camera, 4 GB RAM, 5.1″ screen but I started disliking my phone since I saw a new phone with my friend having many more features.

In other words, you can say I was selling my smartphone to my mom which I had purchased a year back so I can buy a new one for myself.

This must be happening with all of us. We usually buy a new smartphone and the same smartphone looks faded after a year when you see new featured smartphone advertisement in TV. You will desperately start looking for a reason to buy a new phone but only impediments you will have in your mind before buying your dream phone is… You cant throw your phone in the dustbin.

I also had my other old phone in my drawer which I was using before my this phone. When we see old phones in an old drawer, we recall cost of the phone which we had paid to buy that phone and now it was residing in a locked drawer. So, I thought to give this phone to someone so I can feel better myself.

To get rid of my old phone, I started selling my phone to my family members first. I had three options. 1) nephew & niece 2) wife 3) Parent.

4-5 years back, I could easily give my phone to my niece or nephews and they would love me like angels from heaven but nowadays, they also don’t prefer old used phones. Above that, they all have a better phone than your phone.

A door was straight away closed from my wife as I knew she will never like my phone even I wrap it in golden cover and give her on anniversary or valentine day.

Last option was my parent. My father is one who always thinks that all my expenditure is a waste of money so I decided my mother as customer. I showcased her all other features and what she can do with this phone like she can see her relatives photos in Facebook and chat with them on WhatsApp. My all efforts went in vain and she refused to have my phone instead of her current old-model phone. She loves her current phone so much that if that phone can give her grandchild then she will adopt it and wouldn’t give me a penny from her will.

Next day, I asked my friend and he suggested me to sell on Cashify (https://www.cashify.in/). I get onto the website on next second. I selected my phone model and selected all options which apply to my mobile condition and wolla… 3,800 INR for my old mobile which I was thinking to give away free to someone.

I also give “CLEANCASH” coupon before clicking “Sell Now” and received extra 250 Rs. Next to it, I also sold my other phone which was lying in my drawer since long time.  #CleanUpCashOut