MobiKwik offers ‘Kwik’ payments via ‘Mobile’

Nowadays, people do not want to waste time on anything. They want instant solutions to their problems. And to help them attain this easier lifestyle, along with fulfilling all their necessary demands, the internet came into being. Since people were exposed to the internet, it has become an integral part of their life; and the innovations in technology has increased people’s reliability on the internet. Just like the story of evolution, technology also evolved from radio to TV and then the internet. Now, all of this is funnel into one place: The Smartphone. Smartphones have made it easier for us, we can watch movies, listen to songs, play radio, play games and do a lot of things; but, no one ever expected that we could make payments through our mobiles, receive money anywhere, do our recharges easily, book hotels, buses and do a variety of things. This is what MobiKwik does and stands for: Make payments through Mobile (Mobi) Quick (Kwik).

MobiKwik is a Gurugram based digital wallet company that became live in the year 2009 and has been serving the citizens of the Indian sub-continent ever since. In these 8 years of service, MobiKwik has gained 25 million users. What MobiKwik offers them is a digital wallet which can be used to do shopping and make bill payments, money transfer, mobile recharge and DTH recharge. Other than this, MobiKwik claims itself to be India’s quickest, most convenient and moreover safest mobile wallet; and aims at creating a ‘cashless’ India and provide the users with a hassle-free experience while making their bill payments.

MobiKwik was founded by husband-wife Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku and the office initially began in Dwarka, Delhi. Bipin Preet, an IIT-Delhi graduate and CEO of MobiKwik, invested 250 thousand USD in this company. He wanted to improve the mobile recharge options provided to the customer, he aimed to make it much easier. He accomplished that. And now MobiKwik has ventured into hotel bookings and bus ticket bookings too. You will also be able to find a ‘Local Store’ section of the homepage, accessing to which, you will be able to find a list of stores nearest to you, in your locality, on which MobiKwik is acceptable.

Other section of the website includes the ‘offers’ section. This section is pretty much clear, you will find various ongoing MobiKwik offers which can be used to save some money or get a discount while making payments or bookings through MobiKwik. Majorly, MobiKwik recharge offers are highlighted on this page but with every new occasion, the MobiKwik offers page shows several other offers which will be beneficial to its customer base.

MobiKwik has its own official application apart from the website. This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The application provides the same features that the website does but one might be able to find some offers and discounts that can only be accessible through the application.

The market is filled with various other digital wallet companies, leading one being Paytm. It is expected that MobiKwik might be a good contender for India’s mobile payments and commerce juggernaut.