Why is Hauz Khas Village the Best Place to Party in Delhi?

Hauz Khas Village has evolved drastically over the last few years. From being a hub to creative institutes and shops, this place has become a favourite party spot for the locals. Pubs of all sizes have mushroomed in every possible corner of the area and very well know the nerve of their audience. Not only among the locals and travellers, but Hauz Khas Village has also become a favourite shooting spot for Bollywood directors. From Tamasha to 2 States, many movies have used this area as a backdrop. However, what makes this place top the list? Why is it always crowded with youngsters and party people? Here we have all the answers.

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The Gorgeous Location

Sitting right next to the glorious Hauz Khas Fort, the slim alleys of Hauz Khas Village are packed with young crowd and admirers of music and dancing. Always brimming with action, HKV is full of life, light, and colours all the time. The Deer Park sitting adjacent to the party colony is a great place to take a walk with friends if you happen to reach early. Make sure you get the table booked before you get to the venue you are planning to dance the night away.


HKV is easily reachable by Metro, auto, and cabs. Auto drivers line the entire road that connects to the Hauz Khas Village and usually have a fixed rate for dropping at the nearest Metro Station. However, it is advisable that if you are not coming by your car, get a can booked to reach and leave Hauz Khas Village. Cabs are easily available through popular service providers, are safe and at times cheaper than what auto drivers demand.

Endless Dancing Options

The vibe of HKV is such that it becomes impossible to stop yourself from dancing. Take a stroll around the alleys, and you will certainly know what we are trying to say here. The music in all the pubs is so enticing that people usually end up doing bar hopping on the weekend to satisfy the dancer in them. From Raasta to Imperfecto and Social, all the top names have their branches already operating in Hauz Khas Village. Did we mention the popularity of HKV among foreigners?

The Powerful Ambiance

HKV is a delight to visit during late winter nights. The fogged roads full of jacket laden youngsters is a sight to watch. However, the best part about this place is the great ambiance. With music of all genres reaching the ears from all the directions, it becomes almost impossible for one to step out of the area before the lights go out. The connectivity and availability of cabs is so easy that people usually end up partying till late.

The Young and Appealing Crowd

The crowd is the primary concern among people who are in the city for a few days. They wish to take no chances and ask for places that have a happening crowd. Well, HKV is surely not a disappointment when it comes to crowd. The crowd is usually young, full of energy and always on a lookout to go complexly crazy. So, if you are in Delhi, no matter what people say, make sure you plan a party with your people at HKV.

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Happy Partying!