How to embed English into your daily routine

How to learn English if you are too busy whole day

English and your occupation

Learning English is a long-term process. There is no easy way; you have to dedicate your time, your efforts, and your ardor. Especially if you want to learn English as fast as possible, you have to sacrifice something that you used to do every day. Some people work less and earn less money; others stop exercising, entertaining, spending time with a family. You cannot have everything at a time. It is common knowledge that learning English is tough, but when you work or have children, it becomes twice as difficult. In such situation, you need to weigh everything you do, to arrange priorities, and to allocate time for speaking, reading books or articles, listening, and writing an essay in English. The very important thing is that you have to practice regularly, so it has to be taken into consideration when choosing the time for learning English.

The best time to learn

What is the best time to learn? This question has not the correct, single-valued answer. People are very different. Each of them has its own habits, preferences, and the pace of life. There are people who usually get up early in the morning, and those, who prefer to sleep until noon. Some people like to go to bed in the evening, while others prefer to stay up until the small hours. The list of differences is endless, but it leads us to the one very important conclusion – you have to choose the time for learning English depending on your rhythm of life. Even if it would not be the best time first, you can change that by changing your attitude. After you learn for a while, you will get used to it and make it a part of your daily routine.

I am a lark

If you are a lark, your productivity is higher in the first half of a day. Thus, it would be logical to learn English in the morning. You can do that the first thing in the morning, before going to work or starting your chores. To make learning as easy as possible, try to replace partly some of your activities with the same but in English. For example, if you used to read the news when drinking coffee, you can do the same but read the news in English. You can start your day by making a to-do list in English. By doing so, you will improve your essay writing and you will learn to think in English. The very positive thing about learning in the morning is that once you started your day with English, you will keep it in mind the whole day.

I am an owl

If you shudder every time you hear the word “morning”, then it would be a bad idea to learn English in the morning. If you hate getting up early, you will hate learning English. In this case, the evening time is better. Moreover, learning English in the evening gives you several advantages. First, you have more time to practice, as you do not have to go to work. The next, your workday has finished, so you do not care about meetings, presentations, reports and so on. In addition, you can watch movies or episodes in English after you finished your learning. The very good thing to practice in the evening is to describe your day. Do not do it like thesis writing, start with a simple paragraph about your day. Thus, you will learn how to use the Past tense, how to express the sequence, and how to describe your day.  

No matter what time you choose, you have to have a learning plan to make sure that you practice all the skills. Split your week between listening to podcasts or watching movies, writing papers or essay like at, speaking with someone and reading news, articles, books, etc.