Haven’t even met Salman for ‘Kick’: Chetan Bhagat

Mumbai :┬áChetan Bhagat, who turns screenplay-writer with “Kick”, is upset with reports claiming that Salman Khan has “rejected” the script written by him. The author says he hasn’t even met the actor for the film.

The rumour around the Sajid Nadiadwala’s production and debut directorial has left Bhagat baffled.

“I haven’t even met Salman at all on ‘Kick’! The script is not done yet. I am working with only Sajid Nadiadwala and his team on the script,” said Bhagat.

Nadiadwala starts shooting for “Kick” from June 1 as various components of this posh actioner have begun to fall in place. The script which needs to make a noted departure from the original 2009 Telugu film is under progress.

He also said it was best if Nadiadwala clarified the issue.

A source close to the project divulged that Salman is in a completely non-interfering mode.

“He is maintaining a hands-free attitude to ‘Kick’. It is true that nowadays Salman approves of every department in his starrer – from script to director to cameraman to co-star, before a project takes off. But ‘Kick’ is entirely his buddy Sajid Nadiadwala’s baby and Salman is treating it that way,” said a source.