‘Guthhi’ takes Baba Ramdev on laugh riot

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev broke into guffaws here Wednesday thanks to a live act by comedian Sunil Grover, popular for his role as Guthhi in “Comedy Nights With Kapil”.

Sunil was here as part of Guthhi, Agenda Agenda, Guthhi, a session conducted at the India Today Group’s Agenda Aaj Tak event.

Ramdev, who was slated to address the ensuing session, attended Sunil’s session and what followed was complete hilarity.

When Ramdev asked: “Are you only Guthhi? Your name is Guthhi or do you have another name?”

Pat came the reply from the standup comedian: “Just like your name is Shri Ramdev but you have Baba prefixed to your name, I am Sunil Grover and ‘Guthhi’ has got attached to my name.”

Recently, Sunil quit “Comedy Nights With Kapil” and Ramdev asked Sunil the reason behind his decision to leave the show.

He said: “I have never seen you on TV before, but I have heard about Guthhi. I watch news channels and they were saying that Guthhi has left the show because he was getting less money. My blessings are with you and I hope you make more money elsewhere.”

To that, the quick-witted Sunil said: “Aur zyaada mile, isliye maine chhod diya aur aapka ye aashirwaad mile (I quit the show so that I can earn more and also to get your blessings). Thank you for your blessings.”

On a serious note, Sunil felt honoured to get a chance to perform at the prestigious event.

“So many people want to meet you and talk to you. It’s an honour and my good fortune that I could talk so much in front of you,” Sunil told Ramdev.