Doctors gearing up for east India’s first cadaver liver transplant

Kolkata 😕 Bolstering efforts to carry out cadaver organ transplants in West Bengal, a team of doctors is gearing up to perform eastern India’s first such liver transplant in the city, a doctor said on Tuesday.

Family members of a 45-year-old male patient who was declared brain dead on Monday have assented to the procedure to transplant the heart and liver that could bequeath a new lease of life to a potential female recipient with liver damage.

“We are organising everything. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Lots of things can go wrong. If everything works out, this will be east India’s first cadaver liver transplant,” gastro-enterologist Mahesh Goenka told IANS.

“The first brain death verification has already been done and we will do the second brain death declaration around 7 p.m., and by that time if the donor is good enough to take the heart and liver we will try to do it. The recipient is ready,” he added.

The team is working out finer details regarding blood type and stability of the organs.

In June, a 70-year-old brain dead woman here bequeathed a new lease of life to four persons, with her kidneys and cornea successfully transplanted in the city’s first multi-organ cadaver donation operation.