Kent versus Livpure: Which One is better for you?

Access to clean drinking water is a rarity today. Hence, a water purifier has become essential for every home. With several brands available in the market, settling down for the right one is a challenge. Buyers are becoming aware of this reality and want to check water purifier reviews of various brands before making a purchase.  RO water purifiers, in particular, have overshadowed the conventional gravity-based purifiers and carbon filters.  There is a greater demand for RO water purifiers that are equipped with sophisticated technologies, like double purification system, TDS controller, and so on. Buy Water Purifiers at

However, for a layman, understanding these terminologies or the technology behind RO water purifiers can be quite challenging. Therefore, out of many water purification systems available in the market today, we have narrowed down to the two most sought after names, the Kent Superb RO water purifier, and the Livpure UTC Neon RO purifier.  We will discuss the individual features of both water purifiers, and then present our final verdict to help you make the right choice.

Kent Superb RO Water Purifier:

Kent boasts an array of superiorly designed RO water purifiers. However, one product that stands out is Kent Superb. A highly-recommended purchase for modern, urban homes, Kent Superb not only efficiently removes all types of dissolved salts and impurities, but also retains essential natural minerals in the drinking water. This ability to dispense pure drinking water is because of Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology that provides double purification of RO+UV+UF.  In addition to this, there are several other notable features of the product that make it’s a valuable buy –

  • Storage capacity of 9 liters with level indicator
  • Computer controlled application to indicate UV lamp and filter change time
  • Includes high power 11W UV lamp as opposed to the less efficient standard 8W UV lamp
  • A high wattage UV lamp provides protection against harmful micro-organisms
  • Auto-start and auto-off features for a fully automatic operation
  • Built-in SMPS (Switching Mode power supply) to handle voltage fluctuation in the range of 100-300V AC
  • Spin-welded RO membrane to prevent tampering
  • Push-fit component for a leak-proof performance
  • Made from food-grade, ABS plastic that ensures durability

What makes Kent Superb a unique choice?

  • The food-grade plastic built of the product ensures that no harmful chemicals seep into water
  • Capable of handling a wide range of voltage fluctuations
  • The fully automated operation makes it convenient for usage
  • Suitable for all kind of water sources like bore-wells, water tankers, municipal taps, overhead storage tanks, etc.

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Livpure UTC Neon water purifier:

Built to provide contamination free water for domestic use, the Livpure UTC Neon RO water purifier has also made a strong place for itself in the market. Seven-stage filtration is the main USP of this product. In addition to this, there are other noteworthy features of the product such as-

  • The advanced Auto Mineral Modulator boosts the taste of the water
  • The 8 liters storage tank assures that you have access to enough drinking water
  • The purifier ensures double purification with UV at the stage of dispensing
  • The purifier is built with an automatic alter system in case of UV lamp failure
  • Silver Nano technology is yet another component of the product that prevents bacterial growth
  • Livpure UTC Neon is an under the counter water purifier.

Reasons to invest in Livpure UTC Neon water purifier

  • Seven-stage purification ensures pure drinking water free from microbial infestation and harmful chemicals like THMs and heavy metals
  • Removes all coarse particulate impurities from water
  • Dispenses pure and superior tasting water
  • Can purify 15 liters of water per hour

The Final Verdict

When the choice is between Kent Superb and Livpure UTC Neon, the decision is difficult to make. Both products are built with superior technology and assure dispensing of clean drinking water.  However, Kent Superb takes over Livpure UTC Neon for the following reasons-

  • Kent Superb adjusts the TDS level, thus ensuring that the water does not lose essential nutrients and minerals
  • Kent Superb has a high storage capacity of 9 liters as opposed to the 8-litre storage capacity of Livpure UTC Neon
  • Thanks to built-in SMP that supports wide range of input voltage (100-300 VC), the performance of Kent Superb is not affected due to fluctuating voltage levels
  • The design and look of Kent Superb is superior to Livpure UTC Neon, which is under-the-counter water purifier
  • The high wattage of UV lamp of Kent Superb RO water purifier is more powerful against all kinds of harmful microorganisms.

The Kent superb is, therefore, a clear winner. Hope this water purifier review was helpful and will assist you in making the right decision.

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