Tug of War With President Trump’s Border Wall

The present border wall situation seems to grow more complex by the week. It has certainly been a headliner almost from the time that Trump decided to run for the presidency. No matter whether a voter is for or against this President they are not likely to forget those chants “build that wall.” It is a promise that the President ran on and there are no indications that the White House is going to be swayed or go down in defeat. But, more importantly, the country is divided on whether he actually should or not.

Where the Wall is At and What Led Up To This?

Trying to keep up with the status of building the wall can be a bit of a challenge because the situation changes so quickly. The way it stands right now is that the President has issued the first veto of his presidency. He has vetoed the resolution passed by Congress.

The Resolution

In an attempt to block the President from going ahead with his declaration of the wall being a national emergency. The resolution passed 59 to 41. Meaning that a few Republicans had to buck their leader but not necessarily because they don’t believe the wall is a necessity. For some, their main reason for giving a vote of no was because they believe they would be giving future Presidents too much power to do likewise on other issues.

The National Emergency

The latest contention over the wall stems from the fact that the President declared the need for the wall as a national emergency, which would mean he could take funds from other government-funded programs. The Democrats are not supporting this. But for the public to decide who is right about this they need to understand where both sides are coming from, and what would be the repercussions of this.
The Government Shut Down

There is a lot of controversy over whether the shutting down of the government was a good move for support of Mr. Trump or not. Those that were directly affected by it were none too pleased about it. But, Mr. Trump’s base was supportive of it believing that the reason they voted this President in was being supported by his actions. The answer to this question will be much clearer after the next vote.

The President’s View

It all began with the President’s stance that a border wall was needed to keep out the large influx of illegal immigrants entering the country and the large amounts of drugs that are being smuggled in. At the time of his campaigning, the solution was a simple one. Simply build the wall and get Mexico to build it. This stance that Trump was taking raised two important questions.
Was Mr. Trump made the promise because the base he was building was a pro wall?
Or, did he truly make this campaign promise because it is what he really believed was necessary?
What each person believes is the answer to these questions determines whether they are prepared to back Mr. Trump in his fight for the wall or not.

The Republican’s View

Overall the majority of the Republicans appear to be standing behind the President based on what they feel are his true reasons for wanting the wall. Which is that Trump does believe that the wall is a necessity. There are rumors that behind closed doors that some Republicans may feel differently, but are afraid to speak out because they fear public rebuke by the president. The real problem may be that each Republican has to act upon how their constituents feel. With the Democrats gaining power this has become even more of a challenge for those Republicans that are going to be up for re-election.

The Democrats

There is no question as to how the Democrats feel about the wall. They are determined not to give the President any substantial money at all for the expansion of the wall. But, this brings to question their motives raising the questions:
Do democrats not want to give any money simply because the Trump that is asking for it?
Or do they truly believe that a wall is not necessary and would not serve any useful purpose?
What’s Next for The Mexican Border Wall?

The next step will be because of the veto the resolution will have to be sent back to Congress. A vote to over ride the veto will be taken, but all indicators are that there will not be enough votes in favor of this, which means that the National Emergency Declaration will stand. It will then be up to the house and congress to fight this in the courts, which could mean many months or years before a decision is reached. However, don’t forget in Mr. Trump’s new budget proposal he has asked for a large chunk of money, so it would appear that he has no intentions of giving up.

With The election coming up next year, the wall is sure to remain as an issue of contention between the Republicans, Trump and the Democrats with everybody jockeying for the perfect stance that will sway the majority. Trump is sure to hold many rallies where his fans will come out in force with their Trump 2020 Hats,Shirts and Accessories to support the president who will be the overwhelming favourite to win the 2020 presidential race.