Why don’t I see an option to send Stickers in my WhatsApp?

Whatsapp launched stickers in all platform. Sticker feature is not an important feature but its definitely most-awaited feature as all other similar apps (like hike & Snapchat) already providing this option. If you are using WhatsApp old version then you must have seen that your friends are sending you stickers and WhatsApp is asking you to update your WhatsApp to see those stickers. 

After upgrading to latest version, you must be able to see all stickers but you must be wondering how to send those stickers, right?

How to send Stickers from WhatsApp (for Android users)?

  1. Go to chat (personal or group chat).
  2. Click on emoji icon (a smiley icon just before chatbox)
  3. You will see stickers option just next to emoji and GIF.
  4. Click stickers and send.

Not able to see an option to send Stickers even after upgrading Whatsapp to the latest version?

This can be because you are not upgraded to the latest version. Whatsapp has launched a functionality to send stickers from version 2.18.329 or higher and you must be having 2.18.327.

Applications like Whatsapp usually launch their application in segments and their latest version would be different for different devices and hence, for few devices, an upgrade would be available to 2.18.330 but for few devices, the latest version would be up too 2.18.327 only and a new version is yet to available for them.

Now, what should I do?

Don’t worry!!! It will be available for you as well in a week or two. WhatsApp has already confirmed that they will roll out this features to everyone in a week or two.

How do I check my current WhatsApp version?

  1. Go to WhatsApp
  2. Click three-dots ellipses on Top Right corner. It should open the menu.
  3. Click Settings. This should open Settings page of WhatsApp
  4. Click Help.
  5. Click App info.
  6. You will find WhatsApp version here. (See screenshot in left)