Travel to the UK and watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 on a Student Budget

 The World Cup fever is here. The teams are currently in the last phase of their training process for the flagship event. It is every cricket fan’s dream to catch a live world cup match, cheering alongside fellow fans and watching their start players battle it out in front of their eyes

We understand and respect these emotions. Since InstaReM recently launched its student page with tailored offers and best transfer rates for students, they have decided to help the entire cricket community residing in Australia and India plan their trip to the world cup on a Student Budget.

  • How much are Tickets going to Cost you?

What are you waiting for? Your major cost is your flight ticket. You’ll be able to get a return ticket to England from Australia between AUD 1200 to AUD 1400/ From India, it will cost you between INR 40,000- INR 50,000

  1.  Before you make elaborate plans, Get your Visa Now!

An Australian citizen can travel without a pre-issued Visa. People residing in Australia need to pay approximately AUD 168 and ones from India must pay Rs 8,500 to secure a Visa

  • How to crack Unbelievable Accommodation Deals?

There are a total of 10 venues for the World Cup, including England and Wales. In the image above, you can see the costs of the 4 major cities that will host 5 games and above.

This includes the coveted semi-finals and finals. The other cities hosting matches are Bristol, Cardiff, Chester-le-Street, Leeds, Southampton and Taunton. Hurry up! Book early and #SaveMore

  1. Unlimited Travel at Unbelievable Rates

You are in London and you certainly need to #DoMore than just cricket. Here are the rates of cost-effective unlimited travel options within these major cities. These transport means will help you reach the stadium and also give you access to the entire city for some tourist activities.

  1. Budget Deals for Daily Delicacies

In all the excitement surrounding cricket, do not forget to feed the foodie in you. Ofcourse, you are on a student budget. We know! It was our idea, after all.  In the image above, you can see the per day cost of food plus beverage on a daily basis in the four major cities. So do not forget to relish the London delicacies.

  1. Different Ticket Rates for Different Matches

Excited about India v/s Australia or every game involving these two teams. The cost for the tickets varies based on the opposition. For matches involving Australia, the tickets range from AUD 37 to AUD 127. Similarly, for games involving India it is between INR 3,700 – INR 6,500.

  1. Your TOOL KIT to #SaveMore

Any Traveller should have the right Tools. These can be your gadgets or relevant Mobile Apps. Remember, you will need money when you are travelling to the UK. Use InstaReM’s  BEST TRANSFER AMOUNT guarantee and avail ZERO MARGINS on Fx rates and NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

Enjoy your trip to the UK!

Let us know if you need any information regarding costs or find out more details here